B6squeaky Clean offer’s a total cleaning services to events / festival requirements, both during and after the event. Handling events as small as a neighborhood venue and community events to as large as the Glastonbury Festival, our professionals can complete the tasks of waste management and clean-up after the festivities end each evening, making sure that festival grounds are clean and prepared for the following day.

Anyone who attended a festival knows that nothing ruins your experience more than the accumulated sticky mess and bad odors that thousands of attendants can create and leave behind.

B6queaky Clean can quickly and efficiently clean during festival hours, and then can provide the complete revitalization of the area necessary once the event ends. We'll ensure a clean environment betters your festival-goers' experience and that there are no lasting traces of your event once it's done.

Our cleaning staff will arrive with all the necessary equipment to clean and restore the area and haul away garbage, taking the entire cleaning responsibilities off of your hands. With our self-contained trucks, we bring all the necessary water, power and cleaning equipment, completely independent of any event planner’s process. 


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